■Sunday Morning Service

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  • Every Sunday Morning from 10:00 am
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  • Machida Civic Center, Meeting Room No.1 

■Machida Charisma Meeting

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  • N.A.
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  • Machida Civic Center, Meeting Room No.1

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The Profile of the Pastor


Paul Yumino:

I was born in Kobe City and grown up in Hong Kong and Tokyo.
I was fully absorbed in playing baseball in my high school days, and was crazy in playing guitar and skiing at the university. I also spent a lot of time for 8mm movie making club and English Speaking Society of the university. I can now recall those young days as the life only in puesuit of the pleasure of the world.
Graduating from the university, I joined a company called Pioneer and was given a position to develop audio and visual equipment. Later, being invited by an American company, Eastman Kodak, to join its team developing color printer and degital camera, I changed the job and went to New York.
During my days in New York, working for Eastman Kodak's head office, I had an opportunity to know the true God, Jesus Christ. I believed in Him and accepted Him in New York.
After coming bach to Japan, I had been only a "Sunday Christian" for a while, but when I joined a mission tour to Israel arranged by my church, I had received a clear indication from God during the tour, ordering me to become a pastor. I finally decided to give my life to Him. As being a pastor, I had seen a lot of works done by living God and would like to help others know this wonderful God.
After pastoring at the churches in Yokohama, Kobe and New York, I was appointed a pastor of Tokyo Antioch Church in 2008. Since December, 2010, I have been in charge of Machida Church.